A Consumer-centric Approach to Lower Pharmacy
Spend That Will Set Your Firm Apart

Prescription drug spend is the fastest growing healthcare expense

Your clients look for you to help them find ways to get costs under control, and prescription drugs are the perfect opportunity. The lack of industry transparency and antiquated methods to reduce cost has enabled pharmacy spend to grow faster than any other components of the healthcare spend.

That is where we come in

The Tesser Rx proprietary, evidence-based platform is designed to help members make better choices about their medications through personal outreach, and connects members directly to the prescribing physicians and pharmacies.

How we benefit your clients

Our system works with any Pharmacy Benefit Manager to optimize the implemented plan design. There is no need to wait for open enrollment;  your clients can enjoy Tesser Rx right away. The platform helps employers reduce pharmacy spend by up to 26% while significantly reducing member out-of-pocket costs.

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