A Consumer-centric Approach to Optimize Your
Prescription Drug Plan for Self-Insured Employers

Prescription drugs has been your fastest growing healthcare expense

Over $300 billion dollars are wasted every year because of bad decisions around our medications. Prescription drugs are complex, and consumers are often ill-informed on how to save money on their medications. The lack of industry transparency has led to a massive growth in prescription drug spend all across the US.  

We take a different approach

We believe that the best way to lower prescription drug costs is to help members make better decisions on their medications. Through personalized outreach, we show members specific ways they can save. Our proprietary 8 Ways to Save algorithm looks at many factors to reduce costs, both to the member and the organization. We also message their prescribing physician to make the approval process easy. Our solution lowers pharmacy spend by up to 26%.

What type of employers can benefit?

Any self-insured employer that would like to see their pharmacy spend lowered is a good candidate for Tesser Rx. We do not have any size restrictions. We are not a Pharmacy Benefit Manager. In fact, we can work with any PBM. You do not need to wait for open enrollment; you can start enjoying Tesser Rx right away.

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